A Day at the Museum

Last month I took the girls to the Philadelphia museum. Here are the photos of the trip (Bernadette and Elizabeth deserve photography credits for these). My favorite wing is the modern wing, where they have Cy Twombly’s retelling of Homer’s Iliad, which uses a violent, and child-like approach to capturing the atrocities of war. It’s a magnificent piece. I’ve been to the museum often, but each time it’s better than the last. They do a great job of creating an atmosphere for the pieces they are showing, and recreating the time-period for some displays.

I leave you with an image of a happy cow.

Halloween Party

Here is a link to photos of a Halloween party hosted at the house.   I was Garth – not the best costume, I know, and Marina was the beautiful Cleopatra. Elizabeth originally wanted to be V, but ended up as Spiderwoman, I think. Either way, there was a guest on the table all cut open with pasta spilling out of his stomach, and a pumpkin with avocado spitting out of his mouth. How did this all happen–I don’t know. But Halloween is a holiday filled with mysterious mystic mysteries. Enjoy the photos.

2017 Visit to Renn Faire

On Saturday we had the opportunity to visit the PA Renaissance Faire. Elizabeth dressed up like the cutest pirate in the world, and Bernadette put on her elf ears. You can view the images by clicking here.

Renn Faire is always fun – it’s like a big medieval flea-market with unique shows and entertainers. In past visits we saw a lot of children and adults dressed up in their Dr. Who gear. Get it, people flying through time and space to end up in the medieval time period–but not this year–this year there were furries. And lots of them. Times change I guess.

My favorite shop was something called Cane Enabled, where they were selling antique and weaponized canes. I don’t know how and when I’d use one, but if I can think of a reason for a weaponized cane sometime in the next year maybe I’ll get one. They had the cutest un-weaponzed cane as well with a rabbit handle. I think it was an antique, either way it was adorable.

Next year I hope we can go more than once, or maybe even try a different renn faire out. My understanding is that there are quite a few in the PA area over the summer months.