Looking forward to Saturday morning yoga class

I’ve been doing the yoga thing for like three weeks. I must say that I love it. It’s becoming something I look forward to. Just bought a green yoga mat and hoping to pretzel up on it. From a physical stand point I see chest muscles that have been dormant for ages. Not sure where they went but glad to see them back. And it needs to be said that for like three days after it feels like a truck ran over me. I can see this yoga thinking sticking around and becoming part of a routine of sorts. I like it better than lifting weights. Yoga wins.

Almost Finished Setting this Up. Anti-Facebook 1.0.

In setting this up, the biggest question I had was how to remain in contact with friends and family without having them check my blog often. I’m sure they never really went out of their way to check on my Facebook feed, so why would I ask them to check out my blog? Well, that’s not a problem anymore. My posts can go straight into their email inboxes, and I can set the schedule as to how often that happens–a monthly summary ought to do it. So let’s see – a public forum, check (the blog); a way to remain in contact with my contacts, check (email subscribe); a place to post my images, check (image page); a forum to interact, check (comments)—this has it all. Almost finished. Next step is to move my images to a gallery and make this “public.

Why Beans and Bikes?

Black Beans and Bikes is my blog on vegan food and culture. I focused on beans and bikes for the title because I feel those are two components to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. I heard a poet once say (I can’t remember which one), guns and cars are two technologies that have outlived there usefulness. I think so too. Beyond the car is the bicycle, public transportation and walking. We tend to focus on the new and exciting technology in front of us and claim progress (in this case that is the electric car), without analyzing if the new replacement is really an improvement or a passing convenience. And same with food. The vegan culture is so focused on meat replacements, yet the answer has been in our cupboard all along. Slow cooking and an active commute will lead to a much healthier and stress free lifestyle. Now with regards to guns – I don’t want to go there here today. That’s a loaded topic. But I agree with the poet as well. It’s time to find better ways.

This post was written during my trolley ride into work.

My Version of the Anti-Facebook has Finally Arrived

This is sort-of my anti-social network. This project is about reclaiming ownership of what I post on the internet without fear of some third party hijacking my content for their own self-interests. My data and my thoughts belong to me, not Facebook, Google +, etc.

I recently published a piece on Medium highlighting how I feel about the impact of social networks on the human. If you’re interested, view it here.

So how am I fighting the powers that be? I opened up a Fastmail account to get away from Google. I wil be deleting my Facebook on my birthday – only because I want to give my contacts there enough time to find me here. And I’m using a carbon neutral web hosting service to house this blog. Here I will provide photos, my happenings, and other things I was never really comfortable enough to post on Facebook.

SO thank you for reading and following. I’ll do my best to keep myself entertained here, and hopefully you’ll find this fun too.