My Version of the Anti-Facebook has Finally Arrived

This is sort-of my anti-social network. This project is about reclaiming ownership of what I post on the internet without fear of some third party hijacking my content for their own self-interests. My data and my thoughts belong to me, not Facebook, Google +, etc.

I recently published a piece on Medium highlighting how I feel about the impact of social networks on the human. If you’re interested, view it here.

So how am I fighting the powers that be? I opened up a Fastmail account to get away from Google. I wil be deleting my Facebook on my birthday – only because I want to give my contacts there enough time to find me here. And I’m using a carbon neutral web hosting service to house this blog. Here I will provide photos, my happenings, and other things I was never really comfortable enough to post on Facebook.

SO thank you for reading and following. I’ll do my best to keep myself entertained here, and hopefully you’ll find this fun too.