Status Report: #AntiFacebook Experiment – 2 Weeks in

It’s been about two weeks. So far so good. Almost ready to “publish” this site. I have noticed that since I started this I’m not reacting to the world as much. I find myself looking for information at my own pace. But the big wins are that ads aren’t following me around, and Google isn’t telling me that I want to read a particular story now (that’s the Google Now service, which I turned off–it comes stock on Android phones). Overall, it’s a much healthier internet experience. I’ve also been texting more with friends and family – checking in with them as opposed to passively monitoring them on the interwebs. The other thing that I need to mention is that it’s nice to have my very own corner on the web where content I post is all mine. It’s very liberating. You should give it a try.