The Tragedy of the Gun Industry

This article, published by the New Yorker after the Orlando shooting, traces how “concealed carry” came to be and who benefits. A lot has changed since its publication, but the money trail remains the same. The gun industry booms after national tragedies by feeding off of people’s fear. Their marketing is wrapped around that. But interestingly enough, it was a dying industry until about 1992–which, is if you recall, is when the LA riots took place and the media, doing what it does best, replayed the riot so many times that in the wake of the event a new enemy was created. After 9/11 gun sales boomed again, and after each subsequent tragedy they do as well. Ironically though, many of these tragedies are enabled by lax gun laws, which only exist because the NRA are big political donors. See the trap?  As highlighted in the article, the gun industry was loosing money when they focused on hunting, but tragedies present big business and opportunity. “Concealed Carry” is a marketing ploy gone legislative. Its efficacy is grey but the pain it has enabled is not. It is another case of the tail wagging the dog. As long as the money keeps on lining the pockets of politicians, we will not see a change in gun legislation.