Nuts and Wrecking Balls

Destroying is easier than building. The current administration is learning this. The only piece of original legislation passed is the tax bill. But that was a layup. All other accomplishments involve gutting regulations and undermining the previous administration’s accomplishments. The whole stock market is booming rhetoric–come on–eliminating consumer protections and regulations–any monkey can do that. Let’s get real. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to solve for x. The long term harm in exchange for short term gain caused by this administration, however, is something the next administration will have to grapple with and we will have to suffer through.

We elected somebody that proclaimed he was good at building. If this is the destruction portion of the project, we might want to consider a new project manager because whatever this is, it seems to be late and over-budget already.

Oh yeah, and this tax bill…  The only real thing he passed… I hope the next administration demolishes that. Because like everything else this administration has done, it’s a bill that really isn’t in the public’s best interests–remember, all those regulations that are being gutted exist for a reason.