Facebook Changes Algorithm

It seems that Facebook read my comments about how it is getting too big for it’s own good and it’s not the social network people signed up for (that was a joke). Since Thursday, the company has put into effect changes to their algorithm to feature popular posts from friends and families, and less from news agencies and content mills. Still, they will bury posts with little reaction, and this is only an experiment. From a business perspective, this approach is probably not in their best interests because they can’t really monetize on your cousin’s post about her pet salamander. Expect this to change once again after the heat dies a bit, or adjust after they figure out how to profit anew from its users interests and content mills. Nonetheless, I have to give them some credit for paying attention. Hopefully they can create a more positive user experience for those active on the network. They aren’t winning me back though. I’ve been much happier since I’ve been off of it.