#DeleteFacebook is becoming a movement: A Quick Guide to Deleting

Happy to see #DeleteFacebook is becoming a trend.

Deleting Facebook however isn’t easy. There are a few steps to it. Facebook so tangled with the web you have to cut strings as well.

Here is a #DeleteFacebook quick guide:

  1. Identify why you signed up for Facebook in the first place. If it is to keep in touch with family and friends, make sure you develop a new platform, like a blog. Creating this up front will help you quickly get passed any withdrawal symptoms you might have.
  2. Create a dummy email account and use that for all Facebook products (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp). Disroot.org allows you to create email accounts without connecting to you in any way. This is great for secondary accounts.
  3. Identify any apps that use your Facebook log in to log on, and change to your email address.
  4. Unlink apps to Facebook you have connected to Facebook.
  5. Backup and delete your photos from the site
  6. Remove your name from any photos you are tagged in
  7. Unlike any pages you liked
  8. Delete account
  9. Stop Facebook from tracking you – erase cookies and identify any browser plug-ins you could use

The deletion process takes two weeks once you hit the delete button. Make sure you don’t go back into your account after deleting or visit Facebook. If so, they will stop the deletion process.

This Reddit thread provides a step by step as well. This is what I used to help me.

Life after Facebook is rather rewarding. Don’t be afraid. Do it.

Using Big Data as a Weapon

We’ve blindly accepted Facebook terms and conditions for a long time. We are conditioned to just accept them at this point. We want to like things, they want our data. Ever wonder what happens to the data you provide as you continue to use the service?

Click on the vid below for a snapshot into how one company has used personal data that’s been harvested to manipulate the way we think.

Reddit and parameters of “Free Speech”

Reddit gets it.  They do not ask for your private information upon signing up, nor do their cookies follow you around the internet when you are looking for a recipe. Reddit is organized by topic, so you’re not going to see political posts when all you want to see are cute cats. And truthfully – it’s a happy place to visit and their alien is cute.

They have a feature in the New Yorker this week. The article highlights how the company is putting forth a real effort in cleaning up the conversation that takes place on the platform. Unlike other social-internet companies, the company isn’t claiming to be a bastion of “free speech.” They have rules and aren’t afraid to ban communities that violate those rules. On their approach to free speech:

“Does free speech mean literally anyone can say anything at any time?” … “Or is it actually more conducive to the free exchange of ideas if we create a platform where women and people of color can say what they want without thousands of people screaming, ‘Fuck you, light yourself on fire, I know where you live’? If your entire answer to that very difficult question is ‘Free speech,’ then, I’m sorry, that tells me that you’re not really paying attention.”

Maybe, just maybe they are on to something. Using the “Free Speech” shield doesn’t give the internet soldier the freedom to be a jerk or a perv. As we (the collective we – internet companies included) continue to work towards a healthier internet, maybe we should take out a page here and re-evaluate the concept of internet “free speech.” It’s surely not free in real life, maybe we should also acknowledge its parameters on the interwebs as well.

Morning Musings: 2018-03-14

Trying something new. A stream of conscience post. Content is hard sometimes, but daily thoughts aren’t. Maybe I’ll do these every now and then and see how it goes.


Proud to say that Bernadette is walking out of school today in protest of gun violence. She is very serious about this. It seems that lack of action by our current congress regarding gun violence has lit a fire – the young generation might not be able to vote, but when they do it seems that there will be a reckoning. Don’t dismiss them because they live behind their screens. They will be more politically astute than we ever were. Where as we watched our parents discuss politics from the sidelines, this generation isn’t afraid to get out there.

RIP Stephen Hawking.

Recipe of the day: banana. Peel and eat.

More chaos at the White House (yawn). Tillerson out. A hard-nosed lunatic is new Secretary of State. I guess the war machine is being expedited.