Morning Musings: 2018-03-14

Trying something new. A stream of conscience post. Content is hard sometimes, but daily thoughts aren’t. Maybe I’ll do these every now and then and see how it goes.


Proud to say that Bernadette is walking out of school today in protest of gun violence. She is very serious about this. It seems that lack of action by our current congress regarding gun violence has lit a fire – the young generation might not be able to vote, but when they do it seems that there will be a reckoning. Don’t dismiss them because they live behind their screens. They will be more politically astute than we ever were. Where as we watched our parents discuss politics from the sidelines, this generation isn’t afraid to get out there.

RIP Stephen Hawking.

Recipe of the day: banana. Peel and eat.

More chaos at the White House (yawn). Tillerson out. A hard-nosed lunatic is new Secretary of State. I guess the war machine is being expedited.