#DeleteFacebook is becoming a movement: A Quick Guide to Deleting

Happy to see #DeleteFacebook is becoming a trend.

Deleting Facebook however isn’t easy. There are a few steps to it. Facebook so tangled with the web you have to cut strings as well.

Here is a #DeleteFacebook quick guide:

  1. Identify why you signed up for Facebook in the first place. If it is to keep in touch with family and friends, make sure you develop a new platform, like a blog. Creating this up front will help you quickly get passed any withdrawal symptoms you might have.
  2. Create a dummy email account and use that for all Facebook products (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp). Disroot.org allows you to create email accounts without connecting to you in any way. This is great for secondary accounts.
  3. Identify any apps that use your Facebook log in to log on, and change to your email address.
  4. Unlink apps to Facebook you have connected to Facebook.
  5. Backup and delete your photos from the site
  6. Remove your name from any photos you are tagged in
  7. Unlike any pages you liked
  8. Delete account
  9. Stop Facebook from tracking you – erase cookies and identify any browser plug-ins you could use

The deletion process takes two weeks once you hit the delete button. Make sure you don’t go back into your account after deleting or visit Facebook. If so, they will stop the deletion process.

This Reddit thread provides a step by step as well. This is what I used to help me.

Life after Facebook is rather rewarding. Don’t be afraid. Do it.