Chocolate, RIP

So it’s been a while since my last update here. Needless to say, a lot has happened. The biggest update has do do with Chocolate. She passed in November during the Thanksgiving break. It’s been hard on us.

We now have a new companion, Peppernoof. We call her Pepper for short. She is approximately 2 years old and mixed breed – terrier mostly. She was a stray from North Carolina and the Providence Animal Center rescued her, and in turn, we brought her home. She still has some PTSD from being on the streets, but she and Shazam are getting along great. They are playing a lot and she has been awesome. Shazam selected her. But I don’t think Shazam had any idea how much she likes to play–Pepper doesn’t know how to stop playing. I think they are getting more comfortable with each other.

Pepper has helped, but we still miss Chocolate’s barking and overall innocence. We had her for 13 years and since she was a puppy. For the about ten of those years she was our only companion. She was with Bernadette since Bernadette was 2 and Elizabeth has always been with her.

A friend told me something that touched me in a text as I was explaining the story of how we lost Chocolate, “our hearts grow each time we love. What’s real is love, and that, in any space, makes the world a beautiful place. I’m sorry for your loss, but thank you for adding love to the world.”

We can make the world a better place through the love we give. Chocolate made our world a better place.