In the battle between the “tough guy” vs. real military strength, it’s pretty easy to pick the winner

There are a lot of stories happening now as it relates to impeachment and re-directions from the White House. It’s too much to keep up with, and quite frankly, kudos to anybody that can.

There is one story, however, that is bubbling under the surface that might be of interest, and that is of the president meddling with, and challenging, military chain of command.

Here is a link to a New York Times article that articulates what is happening.

In summary:

The president has inserted himself into military proceedings, he is defending tried war criminals, and overturning rulings of military juries.

This might end up being a bad political calculation by the president, who is using this as a platform to bolster his tough guy image, and is ultimately attempting to redirect the national conversation from impeachment proceedings.

In searching for a talking point for his rallies, the president is eroding the order of a professional military.

So, let’s boil this down a bit, the military has weapons, lots of them. A president in any country needs the support of its military to remain powerful. Hypothetically speaking, what happens when the strongest military in the world is pushed too far by its own president? Could what is happening now be the building blocks of a military coup? Sounds a little far fetched and banana republic-ish, but is it? There is way too much testosterone, pride, and money, tied up in all of this.

It’s fun to predict how the impeachment will turn out, because at this point there are so many unknowns, but let’s add this wildcard to the mix as well – that the military could possibly turn on the president in some major way.

One thing is for sure, this presidency will end, and how it ends is the curious part, but who we become when it’s over is what really matters.