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About this site

This website was inspired by the writings and ideas of Richard Stallman.

Records came back because they create a stronger bond between us and the music we like. And similarly, so will the personal blog. Ownership is where it’s at. If you have a personal blog as well, let me know and I’ll add you to the blogroll on this site.

About this and why now?

Social media sites tend to outgrow their purpose over time or just never make it (see Facebook and Vine respectively). I signed up for Facebook to remain in contact with friends, family members and old acquaintances. But since becoming a member way back when, it’s went through many-a-face lifts, while discreetly changing cookie policies and fine print language. It is no longer the Facebook I signed up for. Sure I can still keep in touch with family members (at least those that haven’t blocked me), but now I can get real news, fake news, recipes, ads, and so much more. Sounds great right? Well–I’m not sure that I agree. History has demonstrated that empires that grow too big tend to implode, grow evil, or both. By putting too much weight on a single, social entity, we are entrusting it with more power than it probably warrants considering that its initial purpose was to simply remain in contact with friends and family.

The real issue though is privacy. Cookies and other tracking algorithms associated with social media platforms are weeds that grow around one’s internet persona and even personal identity. Each “like” or interaction sprouts a new weed, which is later segmented and possibly sold to a 3rd party looking to gather data. One’s online identity is being spliced multiple ways, and over time these weeds will grow so tall they will exist independently – it becomes another version of you that you will never meet. Why does this matter? Well, when potential employers, insurance providers, and travel agents are making decisions based on this entity, such as whether to employ you, whether or not to insure you, or how much to charge you, before any real interaction with you — it’s a problem. Our future is being shaped by the cookie-crumbs we leave behind that are swept-up and bartered to who-knows-who and for who-know-what. And with that said – I want to do my best to leave as clean a trail as possible while navigating the interwebs.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for big data and I’m excited about what it can do for us. But I’m not for vague terms and conditions. And as a rule of thumb, I know that nothing is free on the internet. The currency for the use of any social media platform is interaction and information we grant them access to–this includes access to our cellphones (contacts included), search habits, information we provide websites upon signing up, and linked apps. So for me the question becomes, how much of myself and my family am I willing to give up to participate in a meaningless conversation about the president’s most recent tweet? Remember, I just want to remain in contact with my friends and family. I really don’t want the noise associated with social media platforms. Hence this site.

This is my version of the Anti-Facebook. The Faceblock. The Anti-Social network. It’s my site. I put what I want on it, the terms and conditions are mine, and it does not have any character restrictions or space limitations. I can sell ads if I want – and the revenue will be mine. If you want to know what I’m up to, here is where you can find me. I’ll tread lightly on other sites – eventually I might not have the need for them anymore. And when they disappear (such as Vine did) I won’t be so sad. So for now, you can find me active on Twitter, lurking on Facebook, and participating on Reddit and Diaspora. But this is my home. And if you want to catch up with me I’m available via email, text or even better – let’s have a conversation on a cellphone-telephone.

Would you also like to participate in the blog revolution like it’s 1997 all over again?

The #antifacebook movement is here. And getting started is rather easy. is the simplest way. An account with them will give you a free template and space to get started. And for a few dollars a month you can also rent from an internet hosting service provider. This will give you much more flexibility and complete ownership of your content. Let’s take back the internet.

About Me

Hi. I’m Robert. This is my site.